Full details of products, prices and availability dates can be found in Kytons latest fundraising kit (see link right) and as always give our staff a call if you have any questions on 81770156.
Kytons Bakery specialises in helping your community group in South Australia carry out fundraising with our delicious bakery products. While we are best known for Kytons’ award-winning lamingtons, which have been twice awarded first prize by the National Baking Awards, we also offer a variety of other products to fundraise with – Hot Cross Buns (winner of National Hot Cross Bun Competition), winter products, including sweet and savoury pies and biscuits, as well as our Christmas Range, featuring a large selection of festive fare and gift ideas. You’ll find lots more information about Kytons product ranges, product availability and tips for running a successful Kytons Fundraising Drive on this page and in the fundraising pack available for download.

7 Steps To Fundraising With Kytons Products

  1. Plan the date to receive your products and book it with Kytons
  2. Set the deadline for people to return forms to you, allowing yourself enough time to collate orders and notify Kytons by Thursday of the week prior to your collection/delivery date
  3. Put the dates on the master form we would have sent you, photocopy and distribute to your students/members etc
  4. Collect forms and money and tally totals. You’ll find a tally sheet on our website
  5. Call Kytons with the final order by Thursday the week prior to your collection/delivery date
  6. Pick up or have your order delivered and distribute to your customers
  7. Plan how to spend your new funds
As the cold weather sets in, Kytons winter range kicks in. As well as year round favourites like lamingtons, cookies and fruit pies, we add self saucing puddings, family sized meat pies (made with 100% beef mince), packs of single serve pasty or cheese and vegetable rolls (full of nutritious vegetables) and even miniature versions for your next party.
NOTE – Winter warmer fundraisers are available for pickup or delivery during the last three weeks of school terms 2 and 3 – check the latest fundraising info pack for exact dates.

Kytons has been assisting hundreds of schools, community and sporting groups with their fundraising since the mid-1980s. Some, such as the lamingtons, fruit crumbles and choc-chip cookies have been around since the early days, while others have become classics along the way such as coffee or raspberry lamingtons and LaWaffles. Kytons Classic drives are available all year around except for our closed dates and the week before Easter. Download the latest fundraising information pack.

Lamingtons are Kytons’ signature product and our traditional variety has twice been awarded best in Australia. We’ve been helping SA community groups, schools and sporting clubs raise money with fundraising lamington drives for over 30 years. Lamington drives are available all year round, except for our closed dates and are a really easy fundraiser to run. Download the latest fundraising information pack.

Easter is the busiest time of the year at Kytons and the Easter Fundraisers are amongst the most popular. We have several Easter options to choose from; just hot cross buns, hot cross buns and lamingtons or the full Easter range below. We use Australian dried fruit and top quality South Australian Laucke flour in all of our hot cross buns. NOTE – due to the high demand on our bakery in the final week leading up to Easter, only lamingtons and hot cross buns are available in the last week leading into Easter  – Download the latest fundraising information pack for exact dates.

Important information about fundraising with Kytons

Miniumum Order
There is no minimum order requirement but orders of less than 24 packets will attract the “suggested sell price to your customer” price detailed in the enclosed newsletter.
Kytons can pack your individual orders for you or offers a discount if you pack them yourselves:
• We can pack the individual orders (one order per student/member), removing the need to gather together a team to do this task
• If you choose to pack the orders yourself, we’ll give your group a 5% discount off your invoice total (we suggest this option for country customers as packing individual orders will increase the freight costs).
Please see the “How Kytons ‘we’ll pack your orders’ works” information sheet for more information.
Unless being freighted to the country, orders are cash on delivery or collection. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos if you are collecting from Kytons. Country orders are dispatched with a 7 day account enclosed, which can be paid by cheque or direct debit.

Metropolitan Adelaide

Delivery cost is on a sliding scale depending on how many products you sell.

Less than 150 items $40
150 – 300 items $30
More than 300 items Free Delivery

We encourage you to visit Kytons at Edwardstown to collect your order. Our staff will assist you to load your order into your car and the following is a guide for what you can expect to fit in your vehicle:

For one large order
• A medium sized sedan holds at least 200 packets
• A medium sized wagon holds at least 300 packets
For Individually packed orders
• A medium sized sedan holds at least 150 packets
• A medium sized wagon holds at least 220 packets
• A large 4wd or SUV holds at least 300 packets

Country SA

Delivery to most country areas is available, but please check available days and costs with Kytons before distributing your forms.
We can also supply country customers with “country” forms with products listed at 80c above the regular price to help you cover the cost of refrigerated freight to SA country areas.

Handling Stock
Please refer to product packaging and cartons for exact storage instructions.

Lamingtons, pies and winter puddings require refrigeration if not distributing on the day of collection/delivery.

At Kytons we work hard to continue to produce great quality, delicious products that your customers will continue to buy, fundraising drive after fundraising drive.

We welcome your feedback, questions and queries, so please don’t hesitate to call us on 8177 0156 or contact us via our contact page if we can assist you in any way

Fundraising Downloads

Larrys Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Info Pack