Larry's blog for Kytons Bakery

Kytons Bakery specialises in helping your community group in South Australia carry out fundraising with our delicious bakery products. While we are best known for Kytons’ award-winning lamingtons.

Which have been twice awarded first prize by the National Baking Awards, we also offer a variety of other products to fundraise with – Hot Cross Buns (winner of National Hot Cross Bun Competition), winter products, including sweet and savoury pies and biscuits, as well as our Christmas Range, featuring a large selection of festive fare and gift ideas.

You’ll find lots more information about Kytons product ranges, product availability and tips for running a successful Kytons Fundraising Drive on this page and in the fundraising pack available for download.

Hundreds of Hot Cross Buns given away as Kytons #gototown

Hundreds of Hot Cross Buns given away as Kytons #gototown

Tuesday 22nd February was Kytons Hot Cross Bun Launch Day for 2022 and this year we took Kytons buns to the CBD! Adelaide’s business and shopping heart has been hit hard over the last couple of year due to the pandemic, so we thought we’d follow the Adelaide City...

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