Fruitless Hot Cross Buns – 12 Snack Size

Soft, fresh buns made to the same delicious fragrant recipe as the traditional hot cross buns – just without the fruit.

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We may take out the dried fruit, but we leave the rest of the flavours in – creating a quality, flavoursome hot cross bun – just minus the fruit.

The 12-pack of fruitless hot cross buns is available exclusively from Kytons fundraising drives and Kytons retail outlet

Size: 12 Pack

Ingredients: Flour (wheat, wholemeal, soy), Water, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening, Salt, Yeast, Mixed Spice, Bread Improver (341, 516, 300), Spice Oil, Gelatine, Baking Powder

Energy kj/100g: 1430
Protein g/100g: 8
Fat Total g/100g: 4.8
Fat Saturated g/100g: 1.6
Carbohydrate g/100g: 63.6
Sugars g/100g: 24.6
Sodium mg/100g: 420

APN 9337537000656