Baking in South Australia since 1938, Kytons believes quality is at the heart of making life special.

Founded as a family business, Kytons Bakery has been sold twice in its history but on each occasion to a family friend of the previous owner – keeping those ties close. Darren and Sharon Sutton took over in 2003.

Our pursuit of quality means we use the best ingredients, follow traditional recipes and take great care in our baking.

We always select premium quality ingredients and source our ingredients from Australia as much as possible – knowing that you would do the same if you were baking for yourself at home.

Kytons also services the wholesale, gift hamper, and food service sectors with its quality products and operates a retail shop at our production facility where the whole Kytons range is available.

Just like homemade when you don’t have time

Kytons products are like homemade when you don’t have time: still delighting everyone around the table.

The combination of the attention we give to selecting our ingredients and the care we take in the baking process combine to create something special for your family.

We believe the community should share a life that is special; and we build that community through our fundraising drives and community sponsorships – sharing those special moments across the entire community.

Kytons is about the special moments, like a lamington shared between grandparent and grandchild or a Christmas Pudding enjoyed around a festive table; a moment remembered forever.

Take a new look at Kytons and make life special.