Lovingtons – twin pack

Made with a soft fluffy egg sponge, dipped in Kytons decadent chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut these have twice been awarded the best lamingtons in Australia.

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A celebratory twist on Kytons award winning lamingtons, LOVINGTONS are available in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and by special order (minimum quantity of 100 packs or 200 individual hearts required), direct from Kytons at Edwardstown and from selected stockists (keep an eye on Kytons social media channels).

Made with a quality egg sponge, real chocolate in our dip and a time honoured recipe Kytons lamingtons are soft, fluffy and delicious.

Due to the low level of preservatives and very moist chocolate coating, Kytons lamingtons should be kept refrigerated or alternatively stored in the freezer.

Size: 2 Pack

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Flour (wheat), Egg, Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier (471 soy, 475), Milk Powder, Vegetable Shortening (soy, milk), Raising Agent (450,500), Thickeners (441, 410, 415), Preservative (202)

Energy kj/100g: 1246.24
Protein g/100g: 4.13
Fat Total g/100g: 11.29
Fat Saturated g/100g: 6.16
Carbohydrate g/100g: 43.36
Sugars g/100g: 33.05
Sodium mg/100g: 91.12

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