LaWaffles 4 Pack

Traditional Belgian style waffle, made with pearl sugar for a delicious caramelised taste

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Made from a traditional Belgian recipe using pearl sugar – little nuggets of sugar that are mixed into the dough that when baked caramelise to add a golden, crunchy texture to the outside of the waffle and a fabulous aroma to your kitchen. La Waffles are decadent and delicious.

Easily heated in your kitchen toaster. Delicious served with berries, maple syrup, icecream or even savoury toppings such as salty bacon and eggs.

Size: 4 Pack

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Margarine (animal fat, vegetable oil, salt, emulsifiers[471,soyabean lecithin], antioxidant[320],flavour, colour[160a]), Sugar, Belgian Pearl Sugar, Milk powder, Egg powder, Yeast, Baking powder

Energy kj/100g: 1600
Protein g/100g: 6.7
Fat Total g/100g: 19.7
Fat Saturated g/100g: 8.2
Carbohydrate g/100g: 45.3
Sugars g/100g: 17.7
Sodium mg/100g: 461

APN 9337537000663