Giving Christmas gifts to your staff is a nice thing to do, right? Of course everyone loves to receive a gift, but is it beneficial to your business productivity in the long run and what should you give?

Online print company Instant Print surveyed their 1400 employees and 94% of them said that receiving a gift from their employer made them feel appreciated and more valued as an employee.  But they also said that the gift needed to be something they wanted or was useful!

Food is a great option for festive giving as staff can either enjoy the goodies themselves or share with friends and family during the festive season. It may even save them a bit of Christmas food shopping effort.

Kytons offers a great range of corporate gifts for Christmas, from single products, to gift packs or larger gift hampers there is something for everyone and every budget. Best of all you’re providing your staff with fantastic quality products, baked right here in Adelaide by a South Australian family business – helping to provide more jobs for South Australians as well. Win-win for everyone!

Choose from our existing range, or if you’re looking for quantity, we can develop something especially for you – and even add a personal touch such as your corporate ribbon or gift card. Check out are range today. We can organise delivery all over Australia.