Working together is the Aussie thing to do –  the more we work together the more we succeed. The SA food industry certainly believes this and Kytons award winning hot cross buns are all the better for it. We work with other legendary SA family food businesses such as Laucke Flour Mills and Robern Menz to ensure our buns are the best they can be.

Kytons Hot Cross Buns are the combination of not only a time honoured recipe (we have previously been awarded best in the country at the national hot cross bun competition) but also the quality of the ingredients – flour from SAs own Laucke Mills, top grade Australian dried fruit in the traditional buns and  the iconic whole FruChocs in the FruChocs variety that make the buns special.

And of course there is the experienced and dedicated baking staff at Kytons who start work when most of us are going to bed to make sure freshly baked buns are delivered to our stockists.

Hundreds of years of experience across these SA businesses come together to make what is part of many SA family’s Easter tradition and a reflection of the co-operative nature of our thriving SA food industry. “We could almost adopt the Bob the Builder saying ‘working together to get the job done’ as our Easter motto” jokes Sharon Sutton, owner of Kytons Bakery.

This year Kytons will produce about half a million hot cross buns during the Easter season.

Kytons Bakery – it’s all baked fresh at Edwardstown
Kytons has just celebrated its 80th Birthday and we’ve been baking hot cross buns for most of those years. We bake and deliver our traditional, fruitless and FruChocs buns fresh to stockists all over South Australia, plus customers can buy direct from the Kytons factory at Edwardstown.

Kytons Easter staff are made up of experienced bakers who know their way around a mixer and a giant sized oven, but each year Kytons also employs many seasonal staff – offering employment and experience to many more South Australians.

Laucke Flour
This SA family business can trace its roots back to Freidrich Laucke’s establishment of a mill back in 1899 and 120 years later the third and fourth generation Lauckes, under the leadership of Mark Laucke, are still producing fabulous quality flour that is known throughout the industry as some of the best.

Kytons, FruChocs and Robern Menz
Also a fourth generation family business, Robern Menz’s history dates back to 1855.

The Kytons Menz FruChocs Hot Cross Bun was born out of a radio stunt 7 years ago and combines Kytons quality bun mixture with legendary whole mini FruChocs to create a variation on the hot cross bun that has become a new Easter tradition in many South Australian families.