Yes – Tuesday 17th February is the first day for 2015 that you will find Kytons hot cross buns at our Edwardstown shop as well as in 150+ stockists across South Australia.

While supermarket shelves have been stocked with hot cross buns since a day or two after Christmas, here at Kytons we are a bit traditional, prefering to wait until a little closer to Easter to start baking our delicious hot cross buns.

In fact a couple of years ago we came up with the idea to start them on Shrove Tuesday each year, giving everyone a definite date to look forward to.

This year Shrove Tuesday falls on 17th February (Good Friday is 3rd April this year) – five weeks today.

As we have for the last couple of years Kytons will bake three varieties of Hot Cross Bun – traditional fruit buns that have been awarded first prize at the National Hot Cross Bun Competition, fruitless (not available until 17th March) and the very popular and funky Kytons Menz Fruchocs Hot Cross Buns (winner of Best New Product at SA Food Awards in 2013).

So while you may be salivating reading this (I know I’m hanging out for that first waft of hot cross bun spice to drift across my desk), you shall have to wait another 35 days…

but you know what they say about the good things that come to those who wait….