The National Hot Cross Bun competition was held in Sheparton in Victoria on the weekend and over 90 bakeries entered the competition from all over Australia. We are delighted to announce that Kytons Bakery’s hot cross buns were awarded second prize at the competition.

The award is a great reflection on the quality of our buns, which contain only Australian dried fruit (bought directly from a grower), quality Laucke flour and just the right mix of fresh spices.

Kytons Bakery has been using the same recipe for decades and Adelaideans have been enjoying Kytons buns for just as long.

The long journey to earn an award

The award is also a fabulous achievement when you consider what it takes to get Kytons buns to Sheparton by 11am on a Saturday morning!

One of our dedicated bakers made the buns in the early hours of the morning then my husband Darren and our 12 year old son collected them on the way to catching a red-eye flight to Melbourne.

They then hired a car and drove the 3 hours to Sheparton.

But of course the prize makes the early morning start well and truly worth it.

This award comes on top of receiving first prize in the same competition in 2010.